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Tips & tricks


A ribbon & a couple thumbtacks is super easy way to hang your small wood sign! Just make a simple loop with your ribbon. Next secure it to your wood sign with two flat thumbtacks.  Then hang the loop from a nail, over the door hanger or 3M hook. I love to change the ribbon out with the seasons on some of my favorite signs.  So simple to pop out the thumbtacks and switch things up. 


3M Command strips also work great to temporarily hang seasonal signs. 


Adding more colors may highlight the details on your wood sign. Once you remove the blue stencil material, take a smaller paint brush and carefully fill in little details with your choice of colors! 


The best way to paint your stencil is:

  • straight up and down, a stippling technique, brushing back and forth paint can leak under the edges of the stencil

  • not too much paint on your brush, it's better to do two light coats of paint than a lot of paint that can seep under the edges of your stencil.  


Occasionally after removing your stencil material, you may notice the paint slipped under the edges of the stencil.  Here's a little tip to clean up some of those edges! Lightly scratch off the extra paint with a tip of a knife.  Just be careful not to gauge the wood.

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