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I love and adore KIDS ART!  Especially when kids paint family portraits! Drop your kids off to make the perfect MOTHER'S Day Gift, a painted family portrait on canvas. The kids will even wrap it up pretty for Mom or Grandma, so it will be a total surprise!


Dont' worry I will help them plan and design using a few tricks & tips. They'll create a family portrait,  they'll be so proud of and you will love to have hanging on your walls for years to come! 


Includes canvas, supplies & instructions as well as use of aprons, and gift wrap. No painting experience necessary, I'll guide them thru it all step by step!  Recommended for Ages 5-9.


Family Portrait Painting Class for Kids

Saturday, May 11th from 12:45-2pm

at Chelsea McGhee Studios, 942 W. State Street in Sycamore

Cost: $34

Ages 5-9


Family Portrait Painting Class for Kids ~ Saturday, 5/11 from 12:45 -2 pm

  • Includes all supplies, paint, and instructions needed for each guest to custom make their own painting that will be ready to hang on the wall! 


  • Due to limited space, there will be no refunds. 

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